Trinity Engineering CEO, Aguy Clement Georgias, also known as Guy, has taken the business from humble beginnings to a highly respected, diversified and reputable brand in Africa’s engineering, agricultural, transport and defence sectors. Guy’s early career saw him gaining experience as a boilermaker and draughtsman, working on landmark projects such as the Ferruka pipeline running from Beira in Mozambique through to Mutare on the Eastern border of Zimbabwe. He was also involved in the work done on Zisco’s No 4 Blast Furnace, boilers at Hippo Valley and sugar pens at Triangle in Zimbabwe. This gave him an excellent grounding in the engineering sector and set him up for a remarkable career.

In 1975, Guy saw the gap in the market for well designed, durable tri-axle trailers. With just one welding machine and one set of oxygen and acetylene gas bottles, Trinity Engineering was born in KweKwe, Zimbabwe’s steel manufacturing hub. In 1976, he moved to Harare and undertook a variety of contract work before settling into Trinity Engineering’s new premises in Zimbabwe’s capital. It was around then that the unique scotch cart range began to boom, integrating a strong spirit of entrepreneurship that still exists in the business today.

Soon after Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980, Guy saw fresh opportunities as the country began to rebuild itself, and he began to gear Trinity Engineering to become an active participant in the new economic climate. Part of this was the acquisition of new equipment which enabled the business to take on contracts for large and blue chip organisations such as ZISCO, Schweppes Bottlers, Zimphos, National Foods, Cargo Carriers as well as the Zimbabwe National Army.

Guy’s vision saw him continuing to invest in new technologies and engineering equipment and, alongside that, was a recruitment drive, gathering highly skilled engineers and artisans who supported his goals for new African development as well as his growth strategy for Trinity Engineering. Not content with just local market share, Guy successfully opened up new export markets for an increasingly diverse product range that spoke to the mercurial industrial needs of the continent, particularly the SADC region. The first major exports started in 1989 when Trinity supplied trailers to Zambian copper belt operators, and still supplies this territory today. Enjoying phenomenal growth since inception in 1975, Trinity Engineering remains a multinational engineering powerhouse, best known for its tri-axle trailers and robust defence and security troop carriers and equipment. High quality workmanship, design skills and an appetite for innovation, coupled with its ability to understand its customers have seen the business grow into an agile, award-winning organisation that sits confidently at the top of Africa’s engineering sector.

As an employer, Trinity Engineering has transformed the lives of many engineers and artisans, offering them a more formalised career which supports Guy’s vision on empowerment through skills development and giving back to the communities it serves. Employing 500 people, the progressive working environment that Guy has built over the decades has seen Trinity Engineering become an employer of choice in Zimbabwe.

Trinity Engineering remains a family-owned heritage brand. In 2015 Tina Georgias joined senior management, responsible for the day to day operations and assisting Guy in all strategic decisions. Tina brings fresh insight and energy to the business. Running alongside the business success has been Guy’s political career. He has held office as a Zimbabwean Senator as Deputy Minister of Public Works from 2007. He is also a campaigner for human rights and social justice, and his passion is reading law and history.

From humble beginnings to a highly respected brand that represents Africa on so many levels, Trinity Engineering’s story is a colourful tale of determination, belief and hard work, set against a complex and challenging era in Africa’s history.

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